Unlock the mystery of a loved one's family history!

Once you unlock the mystery of your family ancestry, your life will never be the same! Why not give this powerful gift to someone you love?

We have developed several gift certificate choices for the various reasons you might want to give an ancestry research certificate as a gift: wedding anniversary, new baby, birthday, wedding, your favorite holiday occasion, etc. Certificates are offered with a minimum of a five-hour research purchase and they are redeemable for two years from the date of purchase.

The gift certificate will be shipped via priority mail.

Our Genealogy Research Gift Certificate costs $500. The gift package is valid for a period of twenty-four months and includes:

  • A beautiful gift certificate that will be mailed to you (or the recipient) via Priority Mail.

  • Ten hours of research and analysis (at an hourly rate of $50) performed by our highly-skilled researchers who have decades of professional genealogy research experience.

  • Family genealogy charts.

  • A binder containing an easy-to-read report setting out a full account of the family history discovered. The binder will include all documents that we discovered during our research e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates, Census reports, military records, baptismal records, death notices, etc.

  • Up to $30 for costs pertaining to the acquisition of records from depositories. *

  • Mailing of the binder to the recipient via Priority Mail.

Select the Package

*Please note: Costs exceeding $30 for records ordered from depositories will be billed separately.

“Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives
will always be a special part of the other.” ~

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